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DNA Solutions offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing. View our tests.

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At DNA Solutions, we strive to offer the best DNA services in the market, focusing on customer satisfaction offering short result turn-around times, excellent customer service and accredited laboratory quality services.

Secret Paternity Test

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Discover the Truth Discreetly with a Secret Paternity Test

Welcome to DNA Solutions, the leading provider of Secret DNA Paternity Tests. Our discreet and accurate testing service allows you to uncover the truth while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. 

With a variety of sample options available, including nail clippings and used toothbrushes, we provide convenient and accessible methods to ensure successful testing outcomes.

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The Power of Discreet DNA Paternity Testing

At DNA Solutions, we understand the importance of privacy when it comes to matters of paternity. Our Secret DNA Paternity Test offers a discreet testing process that allows you to collect samples without the knowledge of the individuals involved, ensuring their privacy and emotional well-being.

Sample Types and Success Rates

We offer a variety of discreet sample options for DNA testing, each with a specific success rate:

Nail clippings: 95% success rate
Used toothbrushes: 50% success rate
Hair strands: 80% success rate

Other discreet samples: Contact us for consultation Please note that the cost for each discreet sample is $145, in addition to the paternity test cost. In case the sample fails to provide sufficient DNA for testing, an additional $145 fee will apply for retesting with another discreet sample.
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Our Paternity Test Process

For detailed information about our comprehensive paternity test process, including sample collection, laboratory analysis, and result interpretation, please visit our “Peace of Mind Paternity Test“. Our reliable testing procedures, combined with the discretion of our discreet samples, ensure accurate and conclusive results.

Ordering and Pricing

To order our Secret DNA Paternity Test, provided by DNA Solutions, please click on the “Order Now” button below, or contact our friendly customer service representatives to assist you further. Our pricing structure includes the following:

Secret DNA Paternity Test: $414

Additional Discreet Sample: $145 (In case of a failed sample, this fee will be charged for retesting.)

Trust and Confidentiality

At DNA Solutions, we prioritize your trust and confidentiality. We maintain strict privacy protocols, secure data management, and follow all legal regulations to safeguard your personal information and testing results. 

Your journey with us is kept entirely confidential, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

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