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DNA Solutions offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing. View our tests.

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At DNA Solutions, we strive to offer the best DNA services in the market, focusing on customer satisfaction offering short result turn-around times, excellent customer service and accredited laboratory quality services.


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Fast Results (within 5 working days of samples received)

Send us your letter from Immigration Department, so we can understand exactly what you need.

DNA testing since 1997

Testing 24 regions in each person (8 more than industry standard of 16)

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Streamline your visa application with our Immigration DNA test

Acquiring a visa can be complex, but DNA Solutions makes it simpler with our fast and reliable Immigration DNA Test. As a crucial step in confirming biological relationships, our tests meet the high standards required by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Why choose DNA Solutions for your Immigration
Paternity Test?

  • NATA Accredited Testing: DNA Solutions operates a NATA accredited laboratory, ensuring every test meets rigorous quality standards. Since 1997, we have specialised in DNA tests for immigration purposes, offering precise and dependable results.
  • Industry-leading Precision: We test 24 genetic regions in each individual — 8 more than the industry standard of 16 — providing extra accuracy and confidence in your results.
  • Rapid Results: We understand the urgency of immigration processes. That’s why we guarantee results within 5 working days from the receipt of all samples, making us your fastest option for immigration DNA tests.

How Our Immigration DNA Test Works

If the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has requested an Immigration DNA Test from you — typically through a “Letter of Offer” — follow these steps to complete your test efficiently:

  1. Submit your letter: Send us a copy of yourLetter of Offer” using the form below or email it to immigration@dnasolutions.com. This lets us know exactly what is required for your case.
  2. Receive application forms: We will send you the necessary application forms by email or post, which you must fill out and return to us.
  3. Organise sample collection: We arrange for the collection of DNA samples via non-invasive mouth swabs from all relevant parties, both in Australia and overseas, for your Immigration DNA Test.
  4. Wait for us to test your samples: All samples are securely sent to our laboratory in Melbourne, Australia, where they undergo detailed analysis.
  5. Get your results fast: Receive your results within 5 business days. A copy of the results will also be sent directly to the Department of Immigration & Border Protection to support your visa application.

Experience comprehensive support throughout your test

At DNA Solutions, we provide unparalleled customer support to ensure your Immigration DNA Test is as stress-free as possible. Our experienced immigration specialists are here to assist you from the moment you receive your “Letter of Offer” from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We offer personalised guidance on fulfilling test requirements and answering any queries you may have.

For families or individuals needing sample collection from outside Australia, we coordinate globally, facilitating a smooth and timely process. Trust DNA Solutions to support you every step of the way, so your visa application progresses without delay.

Order our Immigration DNA Test today

At DNA Solutions, we understand how critical the immigration process is for you and your family. We are here to make this necessary step as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Don’t delay your visa application — contact us today at 1800 000 362 to initiate your Immigration DNA Test, or visit our website to learn more and submit your Letter of Offer. Let DNA Solutions help you take the next step towards your future in Australia.