Paternity test – Peace of mind

    A peace of mind test is an affordable option for those who don't need the DNA Test for Legal purposes. This test will be performed in the same way as our Legal DNA Parentage Test except that in this case the samples will not be witnessed nor taken at a collection center. Instead we will send you a DNA Home Kit and you can easily take your own mouth swabs at the convenience of your home. The DNA Home Kit contains instructions on how to take the mouth swabs. Our Parentage DNA test analyses 23 regions (industry standard is only 16 regions) and is powerful enough to determine which one of 2 brothers is the biological father of a child.  In a standard paternity case (father, mother and child) the minimum paternity index for our test is 99.99999% in case of a match (inclusion) and we are able to exclude paternity with 100% certainty in case of a mismatch. At DNA Solutions, we understand how stressful the wait for the results can be,  for that reason we offer the quickest turnaround time in Australia, your peace of mind Paternity Test will be performed in 5 business days from the reception of the samples at our laboratory.
    • Highly Accurate
    • DNA home kit arrives in the mail
    • With or without the mother

    FROM $269

    Legal paternity test

    • Free collection if samples are taken at DNA Solutions laboratory
    • $50/person sample collection fee if not taken at DNA Solutions laboratory
    • Fully accredited test for recognition in law courts and government departments
    • Valid in law courts and Gov. Depts.
    • We guide you through the paperwork
    • Samples taken by us, or a clinician

    FROM $550

    Prenatal Paternity Test – (Risk Free)

    If you need a DNA test before birth DNA Solutions now can offer you a new prenatal paternity test that uses a normal blood samples from mother after nine or more weeks of pregnancy. You can order online today, or call us for more information. DNA collection from the mother and the alleged father included.

    *An additional payment of $600 is required before you receive your test results.

    • Easy and Safe
    • Available after 9 weeks of pregnancy
    • Uses trace fetal DNA found in a normal blood sample from the mother
    • Does NOT require amniocentesis or CVS, therefore has no risk to the baby

    $995* DOWN PAYMENT