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At DNA Solutions, we strive to offer the best DNA services in the market, focusing on customer satisfaction offering short result turn-around times, excellent customer service and accredited laboratory quality services.


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Uncover Your Familial Bond with a Sibling DNA Test

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Confirm your biological relationship with confidence:

Utilise our comprehensive at-home testing kit for a safe and convenient testing experience

Highly Accurate Results:

This advanced test analyses 24 distinct DNA markers (loci) in each individual, providing a statistically robust evaluation of your shared DNA.

Distinguishing Full and Half Siblings:

Full siblings share significantly more DNA than unrelated individuals. Half siblings also share more DNA than non-relatives, but to a lesser extent. Our test precisely analyzes this shared DNA to determine the likelihood of a full or half-sibling relationship.

Enhanced Accuracy with Parental Testing (Optional):

Including DNA samples from parents or additional siblings in the testing process can significantly increase the accuracy of your results. This allows us to differentiate between inherited DNA from each biological parent, providing a clearer picture of your familial connection.

Peace of Mind Through Knowledge:

This test empowers you to gain valuable insights into your family history. Whether you’re reconnecting with loved ones or seeking definitive answers, our Sibling DNA Test offers the clarity you deserve.

If you need your Sibling DNA Test to be admissible in court, please refer to the “Legal Relationship Test” below.

Legal Sibling DNA Test

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Use this test if results are required for any legal reason (court case, or govenment department requirement).

If you don't need this test for legal purpose, then test above ($595) will give the same result.

$50/person sample collection fee, per person also needed to pay on top of test cost.


For Definitive Legal Documentation: 

Our Court-Admissible Sibling DNA Test provides the highest level of scrutiny and adheres to strict legal chain-of-custody protocols. 

This ensures the results are recognised by Australian Law courts for legal proceedings such as inheritance disputes, child support cases, or adoption finalisation.

Our Relationship Tests are valid for:

Immigration purposes

Peace of Mind purposes

Legal purposes*

*Test performed according to the Australian Family Law Regulations*