Legal Relationship Test

    • Free collection if samples are taken at DNA Solutions laboratory
    • $50/person sample collection fee if not taken at DNA Solutions laboratory
    • Fully accredited test for recognition in law courts and government departments
    Our Relationship test is performed to determine whether two or more individuals are biologically related. We compare the DNA of two people to determine which relationship is best supported by the amount of DNA they have in common. For example, if two people are known to share the same mother, our Relationship DNA Testing can be used to indicate the likelihood of them having the same father. We can see if their DNA profiles are more consistent statistically with them being half-siblings or full siblings. A wide range of relationships can be considered and the testing can be performed on males and females (grandparents-grandchildren, siblings etc). DNA Solutions Pty Ltd is Accredited for Relationship Testing, our Relationship DNA Tests are valid for:
    • Immigration purposes
    • Peace of mind purposes
    • Legal purposes* 
    *Test performed according to the Australian Family Law Regulations*

    $750 Per Test


    DNA Solutions Grand-Parentage test will give you a definite answer on whether or not you are biologically related to your grandson/granddaughter. 

    DNA Solutions uses the latest techniques to give you the most accurate result in the quickest turnaround time, only 8 business days. To obtain the highest statistical result we recommend testing the grandson/granddaughter’s sample and, both grandparents’ samples as well as the mother’s sample, if possible. Testing these samples you will be aiming to the highest statistical and most accurate result.

    NOTE: To have the Mother's DNA sample (from both or either sibling) drastically increases the accuracy of the test and is included in the testing costs.