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DNA Solutions offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing. View our tests.

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At DNA Solutions, we strive to offer the best DNA services in the market, focusing on customer satisfaction offering short result turn-around times, excellent customer service and accredited laboratory quality services.

Home DNA Paternity Test in Australia

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Get the clarity and peace of mind you deserve with our Home DNA Paternity Test in Australia, designed for simplicity and precision. Order our easy-to-use mouth swab kits for discreet and accurate testing and get quick results.

  • With or without Mother’s DNA
  • Simple mouth swab to post back to us
  • Discreet testing options (used toothbrush, etc.)
  • 99.9999% Accuracy
  • Results within 3 business days
Debra Brabrook
Debra Brabrook
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I found DNA Solutions to be fast and professional keeping in touch every step of the way. Thankyou 😊
Zoe O'Caoimh
Zoe O'Caoimh
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Thank you all so much for your help, you've all been lovely to deal with. All the staff were really helpful with explaining the paperwork and organising the testing.
David Symonds
David Symonds
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Excellent service , kept up to date with the process all the way through , quick turn around of results.
John Maysey
John Maysey
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Very good service and ad a problem that was sorted very quickly overall very good service.
Barry Siebenhausen
Barry Siebenhausen
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Quick easy service. Many thanks

Confirm familial ties with home paternity test in Australia

Explore your family’s roots or confirm paternity with ease from your own home. Our streamlined paternity test in Australia is for anyone looking to delve into their genetic heritage or seeking answers about biological relationships, all while ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

  • Collect samples at home: Use our pioneering DNA Home Kit to collect samples.
  • Send your DNA test to our lab: Mail your samples directly to our state-of-the-art laboratory in Melbourne where our experts will perform DNA testing.
  • Await results in 3 days: Our laboratory accurately identifies biological relationships using your provided samples and will notify you of the results in as fast as three days.

How it works:

You don't have to visit any facility

Use the home kit to take the samples at home.

Simple process

Post your samples back to our lab in Melbourne.

Results in 3 days

Via your preferred way of communication.

Exploring the value of paternity tests in Australia

Paternity testing serves as a crucial tool for families across Australia, offering much more than just the identification of biological relationships. It opens doors to understanding deeper family narratives, securing legal rights and forging stronger emotional connections. Here’s why considering a paternity test in Australia could be a significant step for you:

  • Unlocking family histories
  • Securing legal rights and inheritance
  • Strengthening emotional bonds
  • Clarifying parental responsibilities
  • Aiding in adoption and immigration processes
  • Providing peace of mind

Our DNA paternity tests in Australia deliver precise results with the understanding and closure needed for those confronting pivotal family questions. With our commitment to accuracy and confidentiality, we ensure that every client is fully supported through their journey to uncovering the truth.

Order DNA paternity tests at DNA Solutions

Ready to take the first step towards transparency and connection? Order our paternity tests in Australia today. You may also contact us to learn more about our DNA testing services and how we can assist you in navigating your family’s journey with confidence.

Find out the truth today.

Home Paternity Test Kit

Home DNA Test Kit

24 Regions Tested

3 Day Results

from $229

from $229

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate is the Home Kit?

What if I can't see the Child?

For paternity testing, we typically get an accuracy above 99.99%. Other relationship tests (ie. brother to sister tests) can vary between 99% to 99.9%. The actual accuracy number depends on what type of DNA you have and how rare each point of DNA we test is in the whole population. More DNA types shared by all tested individuals increase the likelihood they are related.

At DNA Solutions, we test 24 regions of DNA in each person — the Industry standard is 16. This enables us to prove paternity with over 99.99% accuracy. If the regions don’t match, tested individuals are 100% not related.

Our DNA tests are done within 3 business days, with the option of express results in 2 business days. While some specialised tests may require additional time, the turnaround largely depends on the current workload of our laboratory. Rest assured, we strive to deliver your results as swiftly as possible.

In Australia, obtaining the mother’s consent for a paternity test is not mandatory. We require that the terms and conditions be thoroughly read and signed by an individual assuming responsibility for the test. This means paternity tests can proceed using just the samples from the father and child.

We can work with a variety of biological samples. However, for DNA paternity tests in Australia, we recommend a mouth swab, as this is completely reliable and painless. Hair samples are also common but can be more difficult to take. Children with fine hair and elderly with grey hair usually do not provide good hair specimens.

All clients’ information and DNA test results are strictly confidential. Results will only be issued to the person who signed the sample submission form. We also request a password from you for your added protection and confidentiality.

You will receive the results via your preferred way of communication. Attached to the DNA Home Kit there are forms for you to fill out for us to know. Most people choose to get notified either via mail or a phone call about the result of their paternity test.

Additional Information

Amelogenin, D3S1358, D1S1656, D2S441, D10S1248, D13S317, Penta E, D16S539, D18S51, D2S1338, CSF1PO, Penta D, TH01, vWA, D21S11, D7S820, D5S818, TPOX, DYS391, D8S1179, D12S391, D19S433, FGA, and D22S1045.
The Paternity test is performed in 3 lab areas.
Lab Area 1. DNA Extraction. Here we purify your DNA from the samples so they are in a sterile buffer solution
Lab Area 2. “DNA keys” are added to your DNA. Each “key” responds to one of the DNA regions listed (above). The “keys” attach to your DNA and will reveal to us the type of DNA you have in each of these areas.
Lab Area 3. The DNA is analysed using modern capillary electrophoresis DNA profiling machines (Applied Biosystems), and the DNA in each of the 24 regions is compared between father and child (and Mother if included). Note: Having the DNA of the mother increases the accuracy.