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Avian Gastic Yeast

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Avian Gastic Yeast

PCR Test to detect Macrorhabdus ornithogaster
Avian gastric yeast (AGY), caused by the fungus Macrorhabdus ornithogaster, is a common gastrointestinal infection affecting birds, particularly psittacines like parrots and cockatoos. AGY colonization can lead to a range of symptoms, including weight loss, regurgitation, and diarrhea, impacting the overall health and welfare of affected birds. Transmission occurs through ingestion of contaminated food, water, or surfaces. Diagnosis typically involves microscopic examination of crop or fecal samples. Treatment often includes antifungal medications administered orally or through feed, along with dietary modifications and supportive care. However, AGY can be challenging to eradicate completely, requiring long-term management strategies. Prevention focuses on maintaining optimal hygiene, providing balanced nutrition, and minimizing stress in aviary environments. Early detection and intervention are crucial for controlling AGY outbreaks and preserving the health of avian populations in captivity. Regular veterinary monitoring and proactive management practices are essential for mitigating the impact of this pervasive fungal infection.