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Discover the unique bond between your twins with
identical DNA testing

At DNA Solutions, we understand the special connection between twins. Whether you’re a parent of twins, a twin yourself or just curious about twin genetics, our Twin DNA Test offers definitive answers on whether twins are identical or fraternal.

Why choose a Twin DNA test?

Twins share a unique bond, but the extent of their genetic similarity can significantly influence their lives in various ways. Identical twins occur when a single fertilised egg splits sometime within the first few days after fertilisation. This accounts for around 30% of twins. When the young embryo splits, each half takes the exact same DNA, so identical twins have exactly the same genetic makeup.

Identifying whether twins are identical or fraternal is both fascinating and essential for understanding their health, developmental expectations and familial traits. Our Twin DNA Test provides you with accurate, scientific insights into these genetic connections.

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Benefits of knowing your twins' zygosity

  • Medical insights: Identical twins share the same genetic makeup, which can be crucial in medical contexts — from understanding inherited traits to managing health proactively.
  • Personal understanding: A Twin DNA Test can help twins and families enhance their understanding of their relationship and individuality.
  • Educational planning: For identical twins, similar genetic dispositions can mean similar learning styles and needs, which can be crucial for educational planning.
  • Future planning: Knowing whether twins are identical helps in planning for potential future scenarios that could involve genetic factors, including organ donation compatibility.

Easy, fast and reliable testing

Getting your Twin DNA Test is simple. Order your kit online, collect a DNA sample using the non-invasive swabs provided and send it back to us. We process results quickly and efficiently, and you’ll determine your twins’ zygosity without delay.

Order your Twin DNA Test today

  • Embrace the journey of discovery with your twins. Choose DNA Solutions for a Twin DNA Test and gain valuable insights into the wonderful world of twin genetics.

  • Order now and take the first step towards understanding the unique genetic blueprint of your twins. Shop with confidence at DNA Solutions and benefit from swift delivery across Australia. For any queries or further assistance, feel free to contact us anytime — our expert team is here to help you every step of the way.