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Gene Predisposition Test

Live longer by knowing your genetic chances of various health conditions.

You will have 120 areas of DNA analyzed, to give you results on the 36 conditions.  At $345, it is only $9.50 per condition! 

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Test Description

You will be able to take action on potential health risks and hazards that could spring up in your life by knowing ahead of time your genetic likelihood of having any of the following 36 conditions, giving you the chance to take preventative measures specific for you right now.

Auto Immune Diseases:
 Psoriasis  Rheumatoid arthritis     Systemic lupus erythematosus 
Eye Diseases:  
Age related macular degeneration Exfoliating glaucoma  

Primary open angle glaucoma   

Cardiovascular Diseases:
Atrial fibrillation    Coronary artery disease    Intracranial aneurysm   
Peripheral arterial disease    Venous thromboembolism     
Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases:
Celiac disease Folate Metabolism Gallstone disease  
Graves’ disease Sugar consumption Lactose intolerance
Obesity Type 1 diabetes    Type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes Vitamin B6 metabolism Vitamin D  metabolism
Neurological Diseases:
Alzheimer disease Migraine with aura Multiple sclerosis   
Basal cell carcinoma     Bladder cancer Breast cancer   
Colorectal cancer Gastric cancer    Lung cancer 
Melanoma Prostate cancer  
Other Conditions:
Male pattern baldness Osteoporosis  

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