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Psittacine circoviral disease (PCD) affects parrots and related species, it’s a virus that kills feather and beak cells and may be fatal to birds that contract it. The symptoms may be:

  • Feather distortion or balding
  • Beak deformities
  • Diarrhea

This virus can affect particularly juveniles and young adults, although it can affect birds of all ages.

The Beak and Feather disease is highly contagious for birds and can be transmitted orally (eating from the same feeders) or in faeces or feathers.

If you think one of your birds may have beak & feather disease, we strongly recommend that you keep that bird in a separate cage and send us both feather and blood samples for Beak & Feather DNA Testing, your results will be ready in 5 business days from the reception of the samples at our laboratory.

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