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DNA Solutions offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing. View our tests.

Paternity Tests

At DNA Solutions, we strive to offer the best DNA services in the market, focusing on customer satisfaction offering short result turn-around times, excellent customer service and accredited laboratory quality services.



A Bird DNA Sexing test is a technique performed by laboratories to determine whether a bird is a male or a female. Testing is done by detecting the presence of different sex chromosomes found in the bird DNA sample, being either a blood spot or a normal feather.
The Avian DNA sexing Test is fast and reliable, performed in Australia and we issue results in 5 business days. DNA Solutions’ laboratory is Australian company and all your samples will be tested and analysed in Australia.
Over the years we have developed a large database of avian species and we will be able to determine if your bird is a male or a female with the highest accuracy. Our DNA Bird Sexing expertise has enabled us to streamline our methods and provide you with the quickest turn around time in Australia: 5 business days from the reception of the samples in our laboratory as well as a 48-hour express service. For your convenience, we also provide you with blood testing kits at the most affordable price $0.65 per kit, with a minimum order of 10 kits (shipment fees included). Thank you once again for trusting DNA Solutions, the leader Australian Laboratory in Bird DNA Sexing, to place your order download the form by clicking on the button (right).
2 – 9 BIRDS $18.90 EACH
10+ BIRDS $15.90 EACH


Psittacine circoviral disease (PCD) affects parrots and related species, it’s a virus that kills feather and beak cells and may be fatal to birds that contract it. The symptoms may be:

Feather distortion or balding

Beak deformities


This virus can affect particularly juveniles and young adults, although it can affect birds of all ages.
The Beak and Feather disease is highly contagious for birds and can be transmitted orally (eating from the same feeders) or in faeces or feathers. If you think one of your birds may have beak & feather disease, we strongly recommend that you keep that bird in a separate cage and send us both feather and blood samples for Beak & Feather DNA Testing, your results will be ready in 5 business days from the reception of the samples at our laboratory.


A special discount rate applies when you purchase both DNA sexing with Beak & Feather testing. To choose choose this option, click on the button, download the form, tick the appropriate box and mail the samples to us, your results will be ready 5 business days after the reception of the samples at our laboratory.
$46.90 PER BIRD