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Pure Bud Canada

Pure Bud Canada

Are you looking for Pure Bud in Canada? If so, the name has changed. WHOLESALEBUD.CA would like to introduce you to our life-changing CBD topicals that are comparable to Pure Bud. The main difference is that our new and improved formula delivers faster, longer-lasting relief than Pure Bud did, and our prices are a little bit lower with our new line of pain relief CBD topicals.

The Pure Bud CBD Cool Stick was popular in Canada, as it has provided meaningful pain relief for countless souls. Specifically, Pure Bud is known for providing quality relief to joint, back, and muscle pain. WHOLESALEBUD.CA took this amazing pain relief topical formula known as Pure Bud and enhanced it with our line of CBD topicals. Consider our line of pain relief topicals for yourself:

Relief Salve

By combining the power of THC and CBD, our Relief Salve provides fast, effective, and lasting relief with second-to-none healing properties. Our Relief Salve comes in 15ML, 50ML, or 100ML, and it is a cannabis-infused aromatherapy salve. Here are the THC vs. CBD contents, respectively:

  • 15ml: THC 36mg & CBD 4mg
  • 50ml: THC 120mg & CBD 10mg
  • 100ml: THC 240mg & CBD 20mg

Boo Boos Rollon 10ML

Building on our line of products modeled after Pure Bud in Canada, this cannabis-infused aromatherapy lotion was created to serve as an all-natural treatment for all kinds of boo boos, including insect bites, light burns, chapped skin, rashes, and more. This cannabis-infused product has a unique blend of coconut oil and sunflower oil and is meant for external use on wounds.

Our Additional Pain Relief Rollon Products

Why do so many people love Pure Bud in Canada? People love it because the product worked, and it had multiple useful pain relief applications. Following Pure Bud's model of excellent and effective products, we have made additional unique formulations that are specific to treating specific types of pain. For example, consider our following products:

  • Rollon 10ML - Headache Relief
  • Rollon 10ML - Muscle Pain
  • Rollon 10ML - Sleep Well

You can save a few dollars purchasing the Rollon Health Pack that contains all of our amazing rollon pain relief products.

Rather than just having one product that can be used to alleviate different types of pain, we wanted to make specific products that would be the best at alleviating a specific type of pain, and that's exactly what we have done here.

If you need pain relief, but you don't want to take prescription medicine that contains all kinds of toxicity and side effects, then our Pure Bud alternative pain relief products might be right for you. All of our cannabis-infused products can provide the relief you need when you need it the most.

Contact Us

If you need any help selecting your products or placing your orders, contact WHOLESALEBUD.CA. Give our products a try. You deserve meaningful pain relief. We believe that our products can provide the relief you need when you need it.

Pure Bud Canada

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Pure Bud Canada Pure Bud Canada