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orthotics Mississauga

My Health is a leading treatment facility for physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Whether it is an arch or heel pain or a throbbing knee ache, we can improve your quality of life with customized orthotics in Mississauga.

Types of orthotics for foot

Orthotics are custom-designed shoe inserts that help overcome a variety of foot problems and back pain issues. The two primary kinds of foot orthotics include:

If you are into sporting activities, we also design special orthotics such as ski boots and ice skates. Besides, we also offer our clients with options like heat molding orthotics and insoles, which are a less expensive alternative to custom-made orthotics.

Orthotics for lower body injuries

Lower limb overuse injuries can be a common concern in individuals who participate in regular physical exercise or activities. Long-distance runners can often suffer from lower limb overuse injuries. Orthotics can reduce the strain on foot in athletes and physically active individuals.

It can also alleviate pain and inflammation in patients with conditions like medial tibial stress syndrome, patellofemoral pain, plantar fasciitis, etc. With foot orthotics, you can eliminate the lost training time and financial costs, which can be a big problem with lower limb injuries.

Who "needs" orthotics? 

Patients suffering from certain types of ailments may require orthotics more than others. Our custom-made orthotics in Mississauga can help improve the quality of life in patients suffering from the following conditions:

Furthermore, orthotics can also help reduce pain and inflammation in patients suffering from patellofemoral knee pain, Achilles tendonitis, and bunions. Speak to one of us at My Health today to schedule a consultation with our experienced physiotherapist. We manufacture custom orthotics in Mississauga to provide you with the highest level of comfort and to improve balance in your feet.

orthotics Mississauga