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Medical laboratory technician certification Los Angeles

RCI EDU offers the best medical laboratory technician certification in Los Angeles. Land on lucrative jobs by enrolling in one of our five allied healthcare courses. 

Salaries for medical lab technicians

On average, certified lab technicians make anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000, as per a report in January 2020. Experienced lab technicians in supervisory roles make more than $70,000 per year. The salary you receive as a lab technician can vary based on your education, certifications, years of experience, where you live, and other skills.

These allied healthcare professionals also receive other monetary benefits like paid housing, referral certification, health insurance, 401(k), dependent care reimbursement, etc. The benefits that lab technicians receive may differ from one employer to another. Students that complete our medical laboratory technician certification in Los Angeles earn up to $20 an hour as their starting pay and enjoy a wide array of monetary and non-monetary employee benefits.

What does a medical laboratory technician do?

Phlebotomy is an in-demand opportunity in the healthcare industry that allows you to make a positive impact on people’s health. Medical lab technicians constitute an important part of a hospital, doctors’ office, or a pharmaceutical company. The job involves conducting lab tests on specimens, collecting blood samples and matching them for transfusions, performing chemical analysis on body fluids, detecting diseases and illnesses, etc.

These allied healthcare professionals use high-end equipment to detect abnormalities, diseases, bacteria, and viruses. They engage in setting, sanitizing, maintaining, and testing equipment in a medical lab. Furthermore, their job also requires them to prepare solutions and reagents for samples, collect tissues and other fluid samples from patients, analyze chemical content in samples, etc.

Steps to become a medical lab technician

Jobs for phlebotomists and medical lab technicians are always in demand. It is one of the prosperous fields in the healthcare sector that offers amazing pay and benefits to technicians. These are the steps involved in becoming a lab technician:

  • The job right for you - In order to be successful in the role, you must land in a job that best matches your personality, interests, and skillsets. Make sure to understand the advantages and challenges of a phlebotomist before you enroll for the course. Furthermore, the job entails attention to detail, personal accountability, ability to maintain accurate records, and supreme organizational skills
  • Getting a degree - You must be over the age of 18 and must hold a high school degree to enroll for a lab tech course. You must get your degree from an accredited institution for the best job prospects.
  • Seeking employment - After the successful completion of your course and certifications, you can apply for jobs at medical labs, universities, research labs, blood banks, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. While your duties will remain the same in all of these jobs, there may be a slight difference in reporting methods and routine activities at work.

Get the opportunity to work in a high-paced environment by studying to be a phlebotomist. Speak to one of us at RCI EDU for more information on our medical laboratory technician certification in Los Angeles.

Medical laboratory technician certification Los Angeles

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Medical laboratory technician certification Los Angeles Medical laboratory technician certification Los Angeles