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Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach

Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach

OC Teen Center is a leading clinic for eating disorder recovery in Newport Beach, specializing in children between ages 12 and 19. Our customized treatment approach and personalized care ensure a safe and speedy recovery for teenagers from their mental health issues.

What are the symptoms of eating disorders in teens?

It can be hard to find out if a teenager is dealing with an eating disorder as they can often be in denial that anything is wrong. Symptoms of eating disorders include:

  1. A distorted body image
  2. Skipping most meals
  3. Unusual or unhealthy eating habits, such as consuming thousands of calories at one meal or not eating anything for several hours
  4. Checking weight frequently
  5. Extreme weight change
  6. Insomnia
  7. Constipation
  8. Skin rash or dry skin
  9. Dental cavities
  10. Erosion of tooth enamel

Loss of hair, deteriorating nail quality, hyperactivity, and high interest in exercise are additional symptoms of eating disorders in teenagers. Besides, you should schedule a consultation with a teen psychologist in Orange County if your child looks moody, anxious, depressed, or withdrawn from friends.

How can I prevent eating disorders in my teenager?

Having your teenager participate in youth therapy in Southern California can help them develop a positive mindset, healthier outlook on life and help them maintain an optimal body weight. Here are a few tips to help your teenager prevent developing an eating disorder:

  1. Discuss eating habits and body image with your daughter or son.
  2. Educate them on how diet can affect their health, appearance, performance at school, and energy levels. Encourage your child to eat whenever they feel hungry, and make it a point to eat together as a family.
  3. With television programs, social media, and pop culture reinforcing the wrong message on the perfect body type encourage your child to question everything they hear or see before believing it.

More importantly, talk to your teenager or have one of the child psychologists in Newport Beach, California, counsel them about their self-image, and enlighten them on how healthy body shapes can vary. Our team of adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal promotes a healthy body image in teenagers and fosters their self-esteem via counseling and psychotherapy treatments.

Why teens develop eating disorders?

Eating disorders are behavioral issues that arise from persistent eating behaviors. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. While the exact cause of eating disorders is unknown, some of the factors that can cause it are:

  1. Children with first-degree relatives having an eating disorder are more likely to develop an eating disorder. A possible genetic link puts your teenager at a high risk of developing an eating disorder
  2. If your child is dealing with psychological or emotional problems, like depression, anxiety disorders, or stress, they may develop an eating disorder.
  3. As the modern western culture emphasizes thinness, teenagers can feel pressured by their environment to lose weight and look skinny.

Your search for the best pediatric mental health services in Orange County ends here. Call us at 714-716-5044 to join the best treatment center for eating disorder recovery in Newport Beach. OC Teen Center is a top-rated clinic for teenage mental health disorders with state-of-the-art amenities and advanced treatments.

Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach
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Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach
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Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach Eating Disorder Recovery Newport Beach