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Article provided by: St Johns Recovery Place

Alcohol Rehab Florida

Alcoholism ranks among the most devastating chronic disorders, potentially ruining the lives of those involved and their families. If you can’t quit your alcohol addiction, we advise joining our alcohol rehab in Florida today. At SJRP, we offer holistic rehab treatment and full recovery support via a structured, patient-oriented approach. If you don’t know whether you should consider an inpatient or outpatient program, here’s some information that can help you decide:

Outpatient alcohol treatment

Outpatient treatment offers at-home rehab services to people who don’t need intensive care. It is the ideal treatment option for individuals dealing with mild to moderate addiction, whose withdrawal isn’t severe enough to warrant inpatient care. To know where you stand, we recommend contacting our experts for immediate clinical assessment. They will tell you if you qualify for our Florida drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs or if you’re better off with outpatient care.


  • Cheaper and more affordable than inpatient treatment
  • Allows patients to go home during nighttime and only come to our facility for day treatments
  • Long-term treatment option, allowing you to pursue your social, professional, and educational obligations at the same time
  • Promoting peer support and a sense of community via 12-step meetings and the Alumni program


  • Isn’t as effective as the inpatient treatment for more severe addiction cases
  • The risk of relapse is higher due to the lower level of control during treatment

Inpatient alcohol treatment

If you’re looking for a reliable inpatient rehab treatment, our luxury rehab center for drugs and alcohol near me is the perfect destination. The inpatient program is ideal for advanced addiction cases where the victim experiences life-threatening withdrawal and addiction side-effects. In this case, the patient requires 24/7 supervision and detox in a controlled and safe environment. The inpatient program is vital for smooth and safe recovery, and it’s a must-have tool for long-term sustainable sobriety.


  • The most effective program for overcoming the withdrawal safely and effectively
  • Promotes short and long-term sobriety
  • The ideal treatment for severe addiction cases and dual diagnosis situations
  • Provides the opportunity for in-depth healing and recovery
  • Helps patients develop healthy daily routines
  • Keeps patients in a controlled and safe environment during treatment to avoid self-harm tendencies and boost recovery


  • More expensive than outpatient programs
  • You will take some time off from school or work during treatment

Is inpatient better than outpatient for alcohol treatment?

The answer depends on your situation. Our top Florida rehab centers offer both inpatient and outpatient care, relying on modern substance abuse resources in Florida. If you need comprehensive, patient-oriented drug and alcohol recovery rehab in South Florida, our facility can live up to the expectations. We offer a safe and comfortable recovery in a home-like setting where you can heal at your own pace.

Call SJRP, speak with an addiction specialist at 1-833-EZ-REHAB, and come in for an in-depth clinical assessment and alcohol rehab in Florida. Our clinicians will diagnose your condition and recommend the optimal approach for the best long-term results. This is your chance to start life anew.

Alcohol Rehab Florida
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Alcohol Rehab Florida Alcohol Rehab Florida